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Is your family prepared in the case of your death? We can help.

The Law Office of Nick Wroblewski, Esq. is an estate planning law firm located in Ottawa, Illinois. The Law Office of Nick Wroblewski, Esq.  assists Illinois estate planning clients by offering wills, powers-of-attorney, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts (including special needs trusts), and tax minimization advice.

  • Do you have guardianship requests for your minor children spelled out in a legal document, in the event you and your spouse die or cannot care for them?
  • Do you have your spouse listed on legal documents so that he or she can access medical, insurance, financial, or other documents in the event you become incapacitated?
  • Do you have a sizeable estate that would likely costs thousands to probate? (Probate fees can add up to around 3% of your estate.)
  • Do you have a family member that will need special care if you die or become incapacitated?
  • Do you own significant assets, or large life insurance policies?

The answers to these questions could mean you need the assistance of an estate planning attorney. We assist clients with these type of issues regularly. We are familiar with up-to-date Best Practices on planning your estate so that you save the most and stay the most protected. Attorney Nick Wroblewski works with every client and your work doesn’t get assigned to other attorneys or paralegals. For many of our services we charge flat rates at going market rates, so you don’t get surprised by a bill when it comes. And unlike many attorneys, we make house calls. 

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